Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chocolate Love

I love chocolate! Dark chocolate in particular. My dad always preferred dark chocolate and as a little girl I wanted to be like him. So from as early as I can remember, dark chocolate has been my chocolate of choice.

I strive not to keep desserts around, but sometimes I just need a sweets fix, and chocolate is that staple treat. Jeremy loves it too.

Recently I've discovered a new chocolate--Moser Roth, sold by Aldi. I've tried their 70% dark chocolate and their orange-almond dark chocolate. Both are phenomenal. If you love chocolate and have an Aldi near you, do me a favor and try a bar of Moser Roth and then let me know what you think.

What's your favorite flavor and brand of chocolate?


Lana Joy said...

Okay, I'm sure you can expect that I'll say -- ME, TOO! Dark chocolate is like crack to me. I have recently discovered something phenomenal: Ferrero Rondnoir. You know the Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates? Delish, but I can't eat them. They've just come out with a dark chocolate alternative that is TO DIE for. Wow. Steph--go find them. I found some at Meijer. Hopefully you can too. I might check out the Aldi in Marion when I next head over there for your suggestion. Thanks!

Lana Joy said...

Steph, I have tried both the 70% and the 85%. Love them both. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

the Lady of Dragonwood said...

Toblerone, there is nothing like it. The dark chocolate version is the best.

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