Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comedy Diet

We've been on a comedy diet around here.

Jeremy and I don't really share much of the same taste in movie/TV viewing. He indulged me a bit more while we we're dating. :) I enjoy The Bourne Identity and Italian Job like movies, but can't handle watching them all of the time. And those are actually on the tamer side of Jeremy's enjoyment. And Jeremy quickly gets his fill of my BBC shows, Gilmore Girls, Everwood, etc.

However, we both love to laugh and I am an adherent of the "laughter is the best medicine" thought. Plus, it's winter and we can always use more laughter during these sunless days. So, a few weeks ago Jeremy suggested that we go on a comedy diet--mostly TV on DVD--and I'm so glad he did! I still watch my BBC sometimes and he still watches his thriller/suspense movies sometimes, but in general, our together viewing time is comedy related. It's been quite fun and laughter filled!

Our newest discovery is The Big Bang Theory. Nerd related comedy is hilarious! Before our comedy diet plan ever started we'd watched lots of The Office, some Arrested Development and some Flight of the Conchords. M.A.S.H. and Seinfeld are staple shows we watch in snip-its. (Update: I forgot to mention that we thoroughly enjoyed both The IT Crowd and Modern Family.)

We're always on the lookout for other great comedies. So, what's your favorite show? What are we missing out on?


liz nelson said...

I believe you forgot to mention the IT Crowd.:) I really like most of the ones you listed, but another favorite is 30 Rock. Although it is best watched in order. Parks and Recreation is really funny too. I didn't fall in love with the first few episodes, but if you keep watching it gets really funny.

stephanie said...

Liz, you're totally right, I missed The IT Crowd! I knew I was forgetting a show we loved!

I've suggested 30 Rock to Jeremy, but so far he's been ambivalent. Eh, we'll see. :)

Rose said...

Chuck (NBC) is amazing. However, we're 4 seasons in. I'd suggest renting them from Netflix or something, to get caught up. Literally every single week I walk away with multiple quotes that keep me laughing and laughing. The characters are great fun, plus there's a touch of romance and a touch of action :) Give yourself 2 or 3 episodes to get to know a couple of the crazier characters! I also really enjoy Glee, but with the random bursting-into-song, J might not be so excited about it. (not sure where you'd stand on that!) It's only moderately funny. And finally, check out Community if you haven't already. Same writers as The Office, I'm told. This took me a few episodes to enjoy it, but after getting to know the characters a bit, it's great fun. :) And since the episodes are short, it doesn't take so long to get into it!

Love that you are doing this, sounds so fun! :)

Evan said...

I'm so glad someone else besides me loves the IT Crowd. I just recently watched the FriendFace episode and about died from happiness.

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