Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Angel

Yesterday Jeremy was scheduled to work. But, inches of snow kept him home. We watched from our upstairs window as snow piled high all around. A 36-hr stretch resulting in some 30 inches snow.

Dinner with friends canceled, we settled in to an unexpected evening at home. After a morning/afternoon of cleaning and catching up on busywork, we were a bit stir crazy.

We bundled up and headed out into the winter wonderland. The snow was so crunchy that many cars and trees looked like cakes covered in thick, molded frosting. We walked down the narrow tire tracks left by plows; right down the middle of streets, deserted of all but snowed-in cars.

On our return, just down the alley from our apartment, I could tell Jeremy was getting antsy to do something mean to me. Sure enough, he toppled me to the ground in a bank of unmarred snow, spread eagle on top of me. I naturally spluttered and shrieked and demanded he get off because I couldn't breathe.

Since I was already snow covered, I laid down in a parking lot nearby and made a snow angel; something I haven't done for several years.

We both came back refreshed, with smiles on our faces and very cold noses!


liz nelson said...

i'm wishing we were snowed in.:) it sounds kind of pleasant right now (especially since i just went grocery shopping:). it doesn't surprise me at all that jeremy felt it necessary to push you into the snow. i can envision the whole scene.:)

Jeremy said...

it wasn't was an act of love and you know it.

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