Friday, January 28, 2011

Donuts and Money

About every 2 months, at the end of my grocery shopping, I'll treat myself to a donut. I figure that I deserve a little treat for all the shopping I do each week. (Terrible logic, I know! But I do crave my gluten-ized baked goods on occasion.)

Today I picked a cinnamon roll. As I enjoyed my donut it brought me back to childhood days. We lived in a smallish town, home to Comstock bakery. On our birthdays we'd have fresh baked donuts for breakfast. The best donuts I think I've eaten. Though I suppose memory can alter such reflections.


After I finished my grocery excursion today and prepared to climb into my car in the Meijer parking lot, I was accosted by a flustered, youngish man with a story to tell. He expressed great embarrassment at his situation, but asked if I had some change to spare. His unemployment check wasn't deposited on time, he had little money and needed to get to a city about 3 hours away.

I feel uncomfortable giving money to strangers as I feel the likelihood of it being misspent it quite high. However, today I handed this sincere fellow a $5 bill. I can't say that will put much in his gas tank, but perhaps he'll receive some other charitable gifts from grocery-shoppers.


Heather L. said...

At one point in my life as a kid mom would buy us each a donut after the week's grocery shopping was done. :) Always a I wonder if she dreaded going around the store with three kids in tow as much as I dread taking even two!!

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