Monday, January 10, 2011

Reading Goals for 2011

It's January, which means I evaluate and plan my reading goals for the new year. I'd read no matter what, for me it ranks up their with breathing and eating, but I find purpose and enjoyment in setting myself stretching, but attainable goals.

The last two years I've set myself quantity reading goals (a book a week in 2009, a classic book a month in 2010). This year I'm going in a different direction with my goals. I tend to read a variety, but this year I hope to be more intentional about it. And perhaps if I'm really on top of it, I'll take time to review the books that are the fulfillment of each goal.

My reading goals for 2011:

1 Russian novel (because I haven't even read one and I've been told to so many times)
1 science-fiction book
1 fantasy book
1 mystery book
1 graphic novel
1 volume of poetry
1 book on writing
1 book on marriage
2 books on Christian spiritual growth

Along with the above list, I hope to continue reading classic literature and a few more non-fiction books this year.

Do you have any reading aspirations for 2011?


liz nelson said...

i like these goals. actually i always like your goals and the fact that you meet them.:) i need to think about some specific reading goals for myself... it may just have to be a small list of books that i want to make sure i read this year. i seem to have slowed down the past few years. i get sleepy when i read.:)

Alaina said...

I love your goals! My goal is to read more. period. :) So far, I read a whole book on December 30 and have since completed a second book - this in and of itself is an accomplishment. :) I also have the goal of studying the Word more and plan to read a couple of books related to deepening my walk with the Lord and better fulfilling His call on my life.

Alaina said...

Perhaps we should start a private book blog in addition to the workout blog that went defunct or perhaps combine since one is a mental workout and one is a physical workout? :)

Jeremy said...

I have a list of sci-fi books you should read...I'll send you a nice Excel spreadsheet.

Margaret said...

Alaina, I have a feeling that a book blog would somehow follow the same pattern the workout blog did. :( Steph, your goals are awesome. I'm just aiming to read this year! I've already finished one book (I know, I know, child's play for you. You've already finished 7 haven't you?;) this year. I'm hoping to read at least 10 books this year.

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