Friday, February 8, 2008

Brief bits from the week so far:

Well folks, the recent weather--particularly the high winds--has orphaned that dang elephant of his legs and trunk once again.

A rather intellectual, artistic fellow (I often refer to as the boyfriend) gave me this sage saying tonight: One's sense of greatness can impede true greatness. (That's what you said, right?)

The boyfriend and I enjoyed a date to the Happy Hour concert downtown at the symphony this evening. For only $15 a ticket we were able to enjoy complimentary food & drinks and an hour of impressive music!

This week I finished reading Anne Fadiman's book of essays Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader. Her essays employ a very conversational style (although she has an amazing vocabulary--the previous owner of the book underlined all the words she didn't know the definition for, unfortunately, I was right there with her. And I thought I had a fairly substantial vocab.) and address topics from the way people love books--choosing to mark it with love or maintain it with care--to how she and her husband reconciled their libraries after several years of marriage. A quick read, but one I very much enjoyed and imagine wanting to pick up again someday.


jeremy said...

Thanks for the quote....I hope your night is a bit more restful!

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