Thursday, February 28, 2008

Childhood hobbies collide in dream.

Anyone who knows the boyfriend knows that he loves comic books. Anyone that doesn't know the boyfriend, but reads his blog knows that he loves comic books. This is just an important facet of who he is and readily apparent when any time is spent with him. He collects posters of comic characters and many of them are framed. His old place held many posters on its aging walls. His new place is as yet undecided for decor. Truly, that is off subject, though. So, back to where I was planning to go.

The boyfriend loved comic books as a kid and still finds enjoyment in them. I loved dolls as a girl, and while my love of them has completely changed, I still have a soft place in my heart for them and still own a lot (too many, I'm certain). One day the boyfriend told me he was rather creeped out by my dolls (I have a mere 4 on a shelf in my room, the ones that wouldn't fit into my box). I had/have no plans of decorating my home with dolls, but I do want to be able to pass them along to daughters or nieces some day. Last night as I tossed and turned in bed I dreamed that I made a trip to the frame store to pick up yet another framed poster for the boyfriend (I did actually pick up a Superman frame on Tuesday after work). Upon arriving the clerk handed me a doll with comic pictures framed into its legs. The irony of the meshing of comic books and dolls was not lost on me even in my dream world. I was certain, though, that the boyfriend would be less than thrilled with the new frame. Still it makes me laugh. What amazing ideas our brains ponder even in our sleep!


Heather L. said...

Dreams are very funny!

Michael enjoys reading comics too. I couldn't believe I married a guy who liked reading the funnies in the paper! There was a funny comic book character in Scotland -- maybe Michael's already informed the boyfriend about him.

jeremy said...

I tell you those dolls have murder in their eyes. I can see it. When you are not paying attention, they LOOK at me, Stephanie. They just STARE.


Rebecca said...

How funny! I love the fact that your lives collided in such a crazy dream way. :)

And Jeremy, maybe the dolls are just jealously trying to intimidate you.

jeremy said...

Then why is one of 'em brandishing a 6 inch switchblade? They mean business, sister!

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