Saturday, February 2, 2008

Seeing the fingerprints of God in the changes ahead...

I'm feeling just a touch melancholy. My dearest co-worker finished his last day today. I'm going to miss his companionship. As a last hurrah he stepped in and dealt with a pesky customer who was being a little too pushy with me. I bid Farewell to the ending of a great 14 months and offer a hopeful Hello to the beautiful possibilities of new beginnings! God is indeed good in the ways that He orchestrates change.


Alaina said...

Sad and happy. He will be missed around Indy as he moves on but hopefully he'll keep coming back. :) I have feeling you will keep him from staying away too long. :)

Sniz said...

Where do you work? That is indeed sad. Do you think you will see him or talk to him again? Having a co-worker you like is such a blessing. I hope whomever replaces him will be wonderful too.

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