Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is it with people thinking bookstore employees can pull information out of nowhere?

Customer: I'm looking for a book and it has the word pumpkin in the title.
Me: Okay, um, do you know anything about the book like the author or what it's about?
C: No. I just know that pumpkin is in the title. I think maybe it's from the 1800's or early 1900's.
M: Is it about that time period or was it written in that time period?
C: It was written by a slave girl back then. Or maybe it was in the mid 1900's. All I know is it has pumpkin in the title. Like The Pumpkin.
--here she fades out, so all I know is The Pumpkin--
M: Is it non-fiction or fiction?
C: I think it's fiction.
--I glance through a few book listings on
M: I'm sorry, without any other information like the full title or the author, I really don't think I can help you.


Lana Joy said...

Oh geez, I remember these days from the public library. You look at them blankly, or in irritation, hoping they can't see what you're really thinking. "Do I look like a worldwide, eternal database of all things ever written?"

Hey, I miss you.

liz said...

this is so classic.:)

*kim said...

This is awesome. I can imagine your face during this conversation. :)

jeremy said...

Go find a book on Apples and assure her confidently that this was indeed what she was looking for. She might even thank you.

Works for me.

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