Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Does anyone else feel like May's weather has been particularly chilly? I mean it's nearing the end of May and I'm still picking out a cardigan or zip-up sweatshirt to wear out every morning.


Heather L. said...

Yes, it's definately been cooler than the last 2 Mays. i guess I've been rather enjoying it, because I HATE the 90-degree weather and we've had 90-degree weather the last few Mays. However, I would agree that maybe 75 would be a nicer temperature to have, but I prefer 60-65 over 90-95.

Margaret said...

Yes, I hate it! I guess I'm kind of the opposite of you Heather. :)

*kim said...

Agreed. I feel like we're going to skip the 60s and 70s and go right to blazing, sweaty hot.

Alaina said...

It's awful. Being a warm weather girl, I keep asking Andrew when we can move. :) I actually prefer the 90's to anything lower than 60. :)

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