Thursday, May 29, 2008



How do you pronounce this word if you ever use it? Does the middle i make a short i sound or a long e sound?


Alaina said...

Short i for me. :)

EmilyAnne said...

I agree. And emphasis on the "fa" (short a)?

Anonymous said...

I would go with the long "e" sound. However, in my short investigation of online dictionaries, they agreed with Alaina and Emily's pronunciations. I just had the part where it says "FAT ig able". No way. I would much rather say "in de fa teeg able", holding on to the "fatigue" part.

stephanie said...

Well Lana, Jeremy is with you on that pronunciation. Actually that's why I proposed the question. He said the word in a conversation and it stopped me because he said it differently than I'd heard before. Plus, I bascially just have a hard time getting that word to roll off my tongue with any sort of ease.

liz said...

short i:)

jeremy said...

Official Reference Librarian answer:

It is In-deh-FAT-igabel (short i). So...I was WRONG ...sob....and Lana's original finding was correct. But, like Lana, I will forever pronounce it the other way and by using it this way, it might sway the majority until eventually the dictionary will recognize this as an alternate pronunciation. Thank you Lana for your backing.

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