Monday, December 8, 2008

Keeping on

Do you ever have one of those weeks that kind of bolls you over? Last week was a bit like that. Several circumstances kind of collided in my head and I sagged under it.
A big part of it involved job searching. It's a pretty pitiful state up here. Last Wednesday, when I took myself out of the house and ran errands and asked around about hiring, I had this out of body experience where I was sucked into a walk-in interview at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Now, before you congratulate me on getting any sort of interview, get this. They are hiring for a 10-day job in early January as they move locations. That's it. AND, they aren't hiring on the spot, they are having call back interviews for the people they are interested in. Seriously, it's a 10-day job. I looked around at the people and I suddenly felt really miserable. The dozen or so people were mostly scary looking guys, 50+ women, and what looked like probably high school drop-outs. I didn't like the feeling of desperation that hung in the air and I didn't want to identify myself with it. I took myself home very discouraged. For the record, I haven't received any second-interview calls.
Carry on, right? Something will happen eventually. Jer and I are both very grateful for his job being able to support us.


Kostaroff said...

After Phil and I moved here, I interviewed at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They didn't call me back for any position at all. It kept me from settling into that area I guess. Ha ha! Don't feel discouraged, they are missing out!

jeremy said...

Yeah, that experience would unsettle me, too. For some reason it reminds me of when I quit school, moved briefly to Michigan and worked in a small video store as I did not know where my life was going...and I had to check out porno videos to old guys. And then straighten the room out as well. We all have those moments in life where people on the fringe come out of the shadows....not to say that the people at Bed Bath and Beyond were bad people or is just that look of utter desperation that is unsettling.

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