Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guess the Book

Alaina tagged me last week for this meme - guess the book from the 5th sentence on the 56th page. I don't typically get into these types of things, but since I'm such an avid book junky (I mean lover), I figured I'd give it a go.

Here are the "rules":
- Take ten books, and transcribe the 5th sentence from page 56.
- Five of the books must be fiction
- Provide five hints

So here are my 10 book quotes:

1. Controlling the start of a tremble in his hand, he leafed through the statements of entry.

2. I guess I have this effect on lots of people.

3. He learned Spanish words for food and pleasure, and he learned that when people are very poor they still have something to give and the impulse to give it.

4. He gave thanks for our food and comfort, and prayed for the poor and destitute in great cities, where the struggle for life was harder that it was here with us.

5. They pursued him up the M4 that night until he crashed his car by junction twelve.

6. Some days I felt like Anne Sullivan to Marley's Helen Keller.

7. This is a bridge built by people who have had an Industrial Revolution, people with mountains of coal and ovens in which you melt down a battleship.

8. The traps were all different sizes and hung from the ceiling and the walls and no way would I ever touch them.

9. But Abigail had views on nearly everything and persons no less than topics.

10. I do think it's a very uneven exchange of Christmas presents.

Now for my clues:
*I've read all of the books (although only #10 is on this year's reading list, a frequent author there), the first five are fiction.
*#1, #2, and #6 have all been made into movies in the last six or so years (one action movie which is a trilogy, one "romantic" movie--but quite different than his other movies, and one "true" comedy which was just released).
*#3 and #4 are both American classics, both from the 1900s (one female author, one male author)
*#5 is the first book in a delightful series literary science fiction/fantasy
*#7 is the first book I read by this author and is about Australia (he quickly became a favorite...amusing and informative)
*#8 is a memoir by an Mooresville, Indiana author
*#9 renewed my interest in biographies, the author has written prolifically about American history.

There's more than five clues because I can't think how else to clump the books. I've frequently recommended most of these books...wish more people would read them. :) If you're inclined to try and guess the books, I'd love for you to! I'm not going to tag this on to anyone because Alaina used up most of the people who I would have tagged! Happy guessing!


Andrew said...

After a little thought and research:

No. 5 is The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.
No. 6 is, I think, Marley and Me.
No. 7 is, I would guess, a book by Bill Bryson.
No. 9 is John Adams, I believe.

stephanie said...

hey, you're right! I should have included in the Bill Bryson clue that it was a book about Australia...I had trouble with the clues. :)
Thanks for playing along!

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