Thursday, December 4, 2008

My husband told me I needed to post a new entry.

I've felt dull at blogging this week. Yesterday I spent the morning running errands and trying to find someplace that's hiring. It was very discouraging and I came home and stretched out on the couch and watched Friends.
Today I got up and around early. A girl from church came over for coffee around 10. Her 18-month old entertained us for most of our visit. Then we drove downtown and had lunch at a Thai restaurant with another woman from church. I followed this with a visit to the library to see my husband and find a fiction book to read.
Tomorrow Jeremy's off work and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him. We have some boring errands to run, but I'm hoping to fit in some dinner and maybe even a movie.


Andrew said...

Whenever you feel dull in your blogging, you should write about the books you're reading. I love posts about books: a) I like to hear what other people are reading and thinking about it, and b) since I don't have enough to read, I enjoy "reading" vicariously through such posts!

By the way, I loved your description of Calvin reading Brown Bear!

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