Monday, December 22, 2008

You know what is amazingly dull?

Saturday morning Jeremy went to the gym before work. This means he's up by 6:20. This means I'm up by 6:20 to fix breakfast and pack his lunch. After I got him out the door by about 6:45, I laid down on the couch and turned on the TV. I knew the choices wouldn't be stellar, but my goodness, it was amusing. My favorite channel had a show on called Fresh. It is apparently based out of one of the local cities and it looked like it. The first interview was with a woman who makes fruitcake. Now the interviewer was a 40-something woman with long hair in a ponytail and she was using a hand-held microphone (first clue that this is very low budget). The interviewee was a bit older and was sporting what I would describe as a bowl-style haircut. The interview went something like this...

1st woman: Now this one?
2nd woman: This is a very moist fruitcake.
1st: (with her mouth a little full) Mmm, yes, it's moist and, and dense.
2nd: Yes, all my fruitcakes are just fruit, flour, and oil. So, they're not very sweet.
1st: Yes, they aren't very sweet. So, so they would make a good dessert when you don't want something too sweet.
2nd: Yes.
1st: (looking out at us) People should probably give fruitcake another chance (turns to woman), don't you think?
2nd: Yes, I think people should give fruitcake just one more chance. Um, just make sure it's a good one. (She didn't even put in a plug for her particular fruitcakes!)

Okay, you get the idea. This process took even longer than I'm making it and it was with the microphone passing between them. They rarely looked at the screen and it was obvious there was no sort of script or really planned questions (second clue it was low budget). They followed their interchange with how you could order her fruitcake, but seriously, how many people are watching TV before 7 on a Saturday morning? That's not going to gain many fruitcake orders or followers.


Alaina said...

Wow, that makes me want to rush out for some fruit cake. :)

Hey I tagged you for a book it if you want, no pressure. Kind of fun and definitely guess mine!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the video we shot the other day for easter seals

Heather L. said...

Oh my! That is very lame. What a shame. I like fruitcake! But certainly not ones made with just fruit, flour and oil. ugh! My fruitcake has butter in it for starters. Not to mention spices...

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