Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm getting tired of continual change.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that change isn't my favorite aspect of growing up! I'm much more flexible about it than I used to be, but still, I prefer predictability (other than the occasional spontaneous surprise that's fun).

I've fairly well settled in here and Jeremy and I have gotten into the rhythm of a schedule, but it's changing once again.

Yesterday afternoon I went to training for a job I just got hired for. It's very part-time and temporary. Starting the last week of January I'll be working from 2-5, Mon.-Thurs. at a local elementary school helping with their after school program, LEAP. I'm a bit intimidated with the responsibilities because I feel like the in-charge people are kind of making the assumption that everyone involved has worked with kids in a classroom setting and understands the basic concepts of how to teach reading their way. Let me tell you folks, that would not be me. I've barely set foot inside elementary schools, let alone in any sort of teaching capacity. So, it's going to be a big stretch for me. I hope I do well because these are kids who are behind in their reading levels and the program is designed to get them up to speed. Basically I'll be working 60 days at this job and then I'll have to be finding something else (more change!), but this is a bit of a band-aid to get us by for a few months.


Heather L. said...

I'm glad you have something in the work field, but I'm sorry it's only temporary, and a bit confusing. Hopefully it will go okay, and it will be interesting to work in a school.

mrsschrage said...

Steph - I know it's frustrating!!!! But I'm excited you found something, even if for a short time. God is teaching both of us a lot about changes!

Margaret said...

How is the job going?

jeremy said...

As always, I am proud of you...and remember what Bruce Lee said about change:

"Become Like Water, and Flow around Rock."

Barbara D said...


I am working at a bank now and miss substitute teaching immensely. Children love you - just ask mine. I have seen that if you love them and let them know what you expect of them, they respond wonderfully. I think you'll be great!!! Keep us posted.

*kim said...

Steph, I've seen you with kids and you're amazing - so I have no worries about you working there. Even if it's just 60 days the experience will be great for you and will give you more flexibility on a resume, so be encouraged! Maybe this is part of God's plan to prepare you for the job he has for you - and you need the skills you'll learn in this one! I love you much and I know that you will do an incredible job. Those kids are really lucky to have someone patient and caring to be working with them!

Love you.

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