Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Following Up

We do dare hope! As Jeremy and I were sitting at the table last night, our neighbors walked up the stairs and one of them said (loudly as they always seem to do), "Well, we're only going to be here three more days." For those of you that don't know, I wrote this brief post about those neighbors and their noise has continued. I do feel badly that they are moving out in such cold and snowy weather. It is quite possible we'll get another set of noisy neighbors up above, but for now we are thankful that they will be gone.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a Guess the Book post and I wasn't surprised that it drew little attention. However, my brother-in-law did take time to make some guesses and he was correct. I'm going to post the answers to the quotes here for Andrew's sake...thanks for playing along, Andrew!
1.The Bourne Identity
2. A Walk to Remember
3. East of Eden
4. My Antonia
5. The Eyre Affair
6. Marley and Me
7. In a Sunburned Country
8. A Girl Named Zippy
9. John Adams
10. 84 Charing Cross Road

This afternoon is supposed to be my last training segment for my new job. The weather is tenuous now and is supposed to continue in such a state for at least another day (we are under a winter storm warning and a blizzard watch), so I'm hoping that they'll have the good sense to cancel the training if the weather gets worse. Let me tell you, for me the drive is a long 20 minutes and ends in a very snowy, kind of scary neighborhood. I'm not real excited about traveling that today if it keeps up the snowing and blowing and dropping temperatures.


Barbara D said...

2 more days and it should be quieter.

Andrew said...

I should have gotten No. 1 - I've only read that book a half-dozen times, and started it again recently. I'm curious, though - is the "sentence" after the fourth sentence: "$5,000,000!"? That's what it is in my copy :)

I've also read No. 2, but not recently enough to remember that.

Since your post, we watched the movie of Marley and me; you must see it! It is the best movie I've seen this year. Okay, that's not saying much; so it's the best movie I've seen in a long time! :)

Thanks for posting the answers. I hope your training is postponed; it isn't fun being out!

Margaret said...

Oh yes, now I remember your previous post about the neighbors. My participation in the blogging world has been sketchy, so I had forgotten.

Barbara D said...

For entertainment, you and Jeremy could see who can say "We do dare hope" the most times before getting tongue tied.

did you have the training today?

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