Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally after 17 years...

Back in the days when birthdays were eagerly anticipated and cards appeared regularly in the mailbox for a few days prior to the celebration, Mom allowed us to take the day off school. It was purely a fun day. We rarely had parties, but sometimes a friend was invited over.
The October I turned 10, my best friend lived 40 minutes away (consequently two of my sisters had best friends in their family as well). They came for the afternoon, Mrs. L and their 4 kids. I still remember the gift they gave me, a Dover Publications address book. The bright, blue cover pictured a standing dog slipping a letter in a mailbox for the post-bird to pick up--cute, huh?! I filled it with the names of my few friends and my grandparents.
Throughout my teens, I was an avid letter writer (I still enjoy the process of writing a letter) and despite that fact, I continued to use my Dover address book. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to copy the addresses into a more suitable book.
Well, after 17 going on 18 years, I finally did it! The binding to my first address book is cracked and the spine is fraying. I think it's time for it to be laid to rest. Last night, I copied the names and addresses into a new address book--this one spiral bound.
For the record, the friend that gave me the book, is still one of my dearest friends. Although now she lives like 4-hours away.


Heather L. said...

Have you read the book "The gift of a Letter" by Alexandra Stoddard. Lovely little thing.

Margaret said...

Haha, Mrs. L. and company would probably love to hear this story.

sam said...

I can't believe you were still using that! You and Amanda always were better about letter-writing than Liz and I.

liz nelson said...

that's pretty hilarious. and yes, you and Amanda put Sam and I to shame when it came writing letters. Sam and I were just biding our time and waiting for technoloy to catch up to communication style.:)

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