Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I know, it's been awhile.

I had every intention of maintaining my blogging momentum, but was waylaid by my sudden inspiration for a birthday gift for Jeremy.
Last Friday was Jeremy's birthday. I'd contemplated the perfect gift (last year I bought him a bike, that was a big deal and not something I could live up to) and my burst of inspiration came the Friday night before Jeremy's birthday--a quilt. He loves the quilts I brought into the marriage and at one point expressed in interest in having one. So, Saturday morning directly after Jeremy left for work, I set out to make a secret quilt in a week. Every minute that Jeremy was gone, I'd pull out my sewing machine and the hidden quilt pieces and my ironing board and I'd work like a crazy woman until I had to put it all away before he came home in the evening. I was having fun, but I was stressed. Each day I set a mental goal to reach before clean-up time came. As you can imagine, the household chores fell by the wayside. However, I completed the quilt with just thirty minutes to spare (the finishing details were not up to my standard at all! But it was done!) and J was surprised. So, I guess it was a success!


Alaina said...

What a great idea! It turned out so well and J looks very happy. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks great and what fun. Evelyn

Anonymous said...

Great Job! Your Grandma Judd and I are so proud that you have carried on the family tradition of quilting. What a wonderful way to treat the ones you love - wrap 'em up in a handmade quilt.
Love U,
Aunt Jude

liz nelson said...

it turned out awesome! you always have such great and thoughtful ideas. in case you're wondering, i could use a quilt myself.:) i love that picture of jeremy with it-- he looks very pleased.

Kim said...

Oh my word - turning out a quilt last minute? That's amazing. And it looks beautiful!!

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