Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maybe my world is a little small...

Yesterday when I walked out to my car, my back passenger tire looked quite low. However, I hadn't allowed myself adequate time (because I didn't know to) to find a gas station and air up the tire. Have you ever tried to find air? It's not at all gas stations. On my way home, I stopped and filled up the tire and I was pleased to find a gas station that has free air! Jeremy thought I was silly for being excited about that, but I was was. Normally it's like $.75.
Is free air a silly thing to get excited about?


Margaret said...

Not even kind of silly! I've been putting off airing my tires because it's so annoying and cost $0.75. I fully understand. :)

sam said...

We were taking a 4 hour road trip and Rich insisted we had to get off at an exit that had a Casey's because they have free air. It's totally worth getting excited about.

liz nelson said...

it can be suprisingly hard to come up with enough quarters for those machines, so it's not silly at all. very few thing left in the world are free.:)

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