Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being the boss

This is my tired, but satisfied smile. Today was an actual very productive day at work. Late last week my manager asked me to do a project at work that I truly did not have time for and wasn't particularly my responsibility, but what could I say besides, sure. So, today I set out to accomplish the project. Thankfully I had a large chunk of free time to do it and some willing helpers who didn't seem to mind my "bossing" them around. (Really, I was just the go-to person.) I finished the book move as completely as I could 2 minutes before I was to go home. I like days like that. Plus, the sun was shining and I was able to take my lunch break outside.


jeremy said...

Sounds like you were in the Taking Care of Business mode. Good job on a satisfying day!

Alaina said...

I take it this was making the kid's clearance section? :) We enjoyed stopping in. Thanks for the excellent book ideas!

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