Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today I am thankful for...

*My Car--I was going to take a picture of her and post it, but as it is now dark and it's rainy, I passed on that idea. However, my gratitude remains. Last year I was able to purchase my first car, a '96 Honda Accord. She's a great little car with a lot of life left in her and as I'm traipsing back and forth across this state with visits north, I'm thankful for the good wheels carrying me. Plus, she's been very companionable. Just last night as I was driving the long, dull 3-hours back from the boyfriends, I sat in complete silence. Seriously, I had no music playing, no radio talking. I just sat with my thoughts and the hum of the car ticking away the miles was the perfect companion as I pondered my of life's great mysteries.

*My Dad--For years he's done my taxes for me. Last year he said I needed to learn to do them myself and as much as I didn't want to do that, I knew it was a good plan. So we did them together. This year he purchased some software to help with the process and he actually did them all himself. A headache for him. A relief for me. He's a great man who does so much for all of us. I am truly blessed.

*My Job--Lately I've felt some dissatisfaction with work. I feel like I'm kind of in a dead-end job that doesn't pay so well and where it doesn't actually matter if I work there. I'm easily replaceable, as everyone is, it's retail. My parents instilled a very strong work ethic in me and I strive and desire to do a good job wherever I am. This can be frustrating because so often that kind of work ethic is taken advantage of and more work is piled on. That's been a small battle for me this year. However, all of that negativity aside, I am thankful for the job. I know that God wanted me there and for the short term He wants me there. I get along well with my co-workers, my boss is a Christian, and I've learned lots about books since I've started. Plus, it's a job.

If I stop to count up the many blessings that God continually bestows on me, this post would be quite long, so for now I'll leave it at that. Although it's always timely to step back and realize the many blessings in life, I always find the beauties of spring a natural encouragement for such thoughts.


jeremy said...

Good post!

Heather L. said...

Very beautiful flowers, and very good reasons for being thankful! Glad you got your taxes done for you. :)

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