Friday, April 18, 2008

Something different for this midwest girl

So, I turned out my light around 2 a.m. to sleep (very much too late, but I got caught up working on a project). I woke up around 5:40 and my bed was shaking. In my disoriented sleep state I wondered if my cell phone, which was on vibrate, was up against my bed (like a tiny phone could shake a bed, wow was I out of it!). And I started looking around in the dark for some source for the shaking. Then I hear a commotion the hallway outside my door, Mom and a couple other people talking. I wondered why they were getting up while it was still dark to get ready for their day trip to Columbus. And then I went back to sleep. I got up around 7:30 and started puttering around my room working on organizing myself for the day. Mom opened the door a bit later and said, "Did you feel the earthquake?" And then my early morning, bed shaking grogginess explained itself. An earthquake, here? What an unusual way to start the day here in the Midwest.
Somehow I didn't feel the second quake and this time I was awake and outside with my nephews. Strange, isn't it?


liz said...

don't worry, in my half asleep state i convinced myself that the earthquake was a strong wind. not sure how that would explain my shaking bed and rattling bathroom doors... of course luke was sleeping soundly, so i really that i might be crazy.:)

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