Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Celebrations at this Crazy House

When March/April hits it seems like we have a family celebration almost every other weekend. Between these months we have 4 birthdays, 2 anniversaries, and Easter. We have lots of Sunday celebrations as that is the day when most of us can get together. Yesterday was Brother 2's birthday celebration (he turned 17 today) and the family (15 total, minus my dear boyfriend and Sister 3's boyfriend) celebrated with lots of yummy food--Ruben sandwiches, potato fries, cucumber onion salad, Caesar salad, berry jello, and key lime pie--and the usual boisterous hubbub. To give you readers a picture of the delightful chaos that is our family, I took a few photos to share. So, enjoy the organized chaos!

The dining room table group--lots of talking and laughing.

Getting ready to pray before commencing to eat.

The kitchen table group--lots of fun with the little guys.
How many cooks in the kitchen?


Alaina said...

What fun! I love these months of celebrations! See ya the next two Sundays! :)

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