Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Going to the gym

So, I'm at the gym last week combing out my hair in the bathroom. I'm not particularly fond of showering there, but some days it's a necessity. I'm minding my own business when two older ladies walk in (think early 70s). They're holding rain-bonnets in their hands and have blueish eyeshadow on.

Lady:"So you have to bring your own padlock?" (I realize the woman is talking to me.)
Me:"Oh, yea, if you want one on your locker."
L:"How long have you been a member?"
M:"About two weeks."
L (a little surprised):"Oh, well, do you like it?"
M:"My husband's been a member for a long time and he really likes it. It seems to have all the basic things."
L:"Yes, and there's a place for refreshments around the corner." (We all laugh thinking about the pastry shop just at the other end of the shopping strip.)

We part ways and I smile to myself because these ladies don't look at all like they'd frequent a gym.

So I'm at the gym this morning after I dropped Jeremy at work. And who should be there? Those two ladies. One using a weight machine, the other one standing by observing. Kind of cute!


Anonymous said...

Haha aww, i love old ladies! lol There's a ton of them that come into hobby lobby when im working...

Love you!
-Jessica D.

Megan said...

Your post made me smile as it brought back memories of when I joined a gym ... in Beijing. There's nothing quite like naked older Chinese women, waltzing around the shower room, chatting it up with their old friends, and leaving a foreigner very -- shocked and disturbed. :)

Barbara D said...

Then they likely resembled me!vbyfm

Andrew said...

We need pictures of these two working out! :) If your new Canon is too obvious, can you get one with your cell phone?

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