Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, the Bible study was okay. Eight women came. Quite a variety of ages--I'm definitely one of the young ones and the only one without any children. It will be good for me to get to know the women. We will be going through the book called A Quest for More, by Tripp.
Also, Jer and I are getting involved with a shepherding group from church. It meets every week at the pastor's house. Basically, it's a small group and we're studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Here again, J and I are on the young end. The pastor's family is really the other ones. There are younger families in the church, but apparently it's difficult for them to get out for weekly commitments. Oh well, it will be another opportunity for us to socialize with a variety of people.
I'm off to have coffee with one of the girls from church tomorrow morning--she's the one that hosts the Bible study. She has a 1-year-old, so I'm just going over to their place.

On a completely different note, this weekend was my brother's wedding. It was a lovely celebration. They both looked amazing! And, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that this wedding season is complete!

We had a family dinner yesterday at my parents. So many of us! It was fun, though. We drew names for Christmas. With the additional people every year, we keep having alter how we do the Christmas exchange and this also means it gets a bit complicated to make sure that spouses don't draw each other, etc. I think we only had to toss in a couple times. Not too bad.

Jer and I received a bit of bad news this morning. His car started making awful noises last week, so we took it into the Honda dealership here in town before we left for our weekend festivities. Well, it's going to cost more to repair it than he paid for it back in June. So, it's kaput. Thankfully we still have another car. Now we're trying to decide whether or not to make it work with just one car, or whether we should start looking again.

Sometime this week, I'm going to post a most astonishing moment in society that I encountered last week. But for now, I figured an update was good enough. Plus, I've got some things to do around here before my husband returns from work. It's our one-month anniversary, so I'm trying to prepare a special dinner.


Heather L. said...

So nice to see you two this weekend! It sounds like you are really putting in an effort to get connected up there. Good job!

Just ordered In a Sunburned Country... :)

Our car is in the shop too :( (Bad news there, but we have to keep it) My sister's car, and my dad's car is also in need of the shop. Must be something in the air...

Anonymous said...

Love you!
It was great to see you Saturday. You both looked happy. I liked your hair for the wedding Stephanie. You were a beautiful bride and handsome groom, and I love you so much. I am so happy you found each other. Do find some good friends--they will love you. I pray you will find a good solution to the car problem. We all have difficulties, but God will see you through them. He is always with us.
Stephanie, Aunt Mil said she intended to add to her note to you how much they would like a wedding snapshot or picture of your wedding. They wish they could have been here for the day.
I miss you, but Jeremy, I am so happy you have Stephanie. She is precious.
Love you both always,
Grandma Judd

Barbara D said...

Sorry about the car. I was so glad to visit with you at Elliot's wedding.

Let me know how the coffee goes. Wish I could have coffee with you. You will be a blessing to those you meet as you have been to me over the years. I am a lot older than you as well but I consider you a dear friend; don't let age intimidate you. You have much to offer.

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