Friday, October 3, 2008

A Wish Granted

My husband returned home from work last night around 8:30 and he brought me a surprise...At Large and At Small. He read my blog post just before leaving work and the library had a copy of the book. So, guess what I've been doing? READING!!! I'm about 80 pages in and I'm loving it. It's a good, if not better, than I imagined it would be. (Someone else needs to read her books so I have someone to talk to about them.) To keep myself from only reading today, though, I'm making myself stop periodically and do things like write a job cover letter, write thank-yous, etc. However, I'm always eager to return to my book with a cup of Irish breakfast tea in hand.


Heather L. said...

Now that is a nice husband!!

Okay, I'll check this book out of the library and see what I think. :)

Alaina said...

What a sweet guy! I'll have to read some of her things!

Alaina said...


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