Monday, October 6, 2008

On Turning 27

It sounds so much older than 26; I'm sure it's partly because of the march towards 30.
With my wedding just 3 weeks ago, there's been much celebration in my life. I didn't feel a strong need to celebrate in a big way; however, I did want my birthday remembered. Last year Jeremy did my birthday up in a big way (dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant, wine and poetry at Butler, and an iPod shuffle) and he felt intimidated by that. I assured him I didn't need him to top that. But honestly, I think he did.
Friday night he brought me home three red roses with an anticipatory birthday note. Saturday he surprised me with a mystery trip to a pumpkin patch. It was the perfect October evening and we enjoyed walking around the farm, sipping coffee, and admiring the many varieties of pumpkins. Dinges' Fall Harvest does autumn up! We brought home a peck of apples, a pie pumpkin, a carving pumpkin, a few gourds, and a small bottle of raw MI wildflower honey. It was the epitome of fall for me--my favorite season. Yesterday was my actual birthday. We went to church and then J had to work until 5. He'd promised me yet another mystery trip. This one for dinner. He took me to a most impressive restaurant in a massive home built in the 1880s--Tippecanoe Place Restaurant. We were seated in what was once the nursery on the third floor of the house. There are 7 floors and according to the waitress, 8 tunnels that lead out from one of the basements to various points around the area. These tunnels are wide enough for a horse and wagon! The food was tasty and filling (I had a herb-roasted chicken breast with roasted red potatoes and mixed vegetables). Our one complaint was the extraordinarily noisy people at the table in the room. Seriously, I think they took up all the talking air. The other 4 tables were much quieter in comparison and I think partly because of the ridiculousness at the largest table (the noisiest guest never made more than $21k at a job, almost married the wrong man this summer, knew a dog who would take care of his business while walking, you get the idea). Despite this, we enjoyed each other's company. Jer also completed my Bill Bryson collection by giving me Bryson's Dictionary for Writers and Editors.
Wouldn't you say that was a pretty good 27th birthday? So, I guess I'll enjoy being 27 for this year and not look back on being 26.
Happy fall everyone!


Heather L. said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Glad you had so much fun!

jeremy said...

It was my pleasure to celebrate your birthday with you. My favorite was the pumpkin patch!!

stephanie said...

yeah, that was my favorite part as well!

Alaina said...

A wonderful birthday - way to go Jer! I'm headed to the pumpkin tomorrow with the preschoolers...somehow I don't think it will be quite so relaxing. :)

Rebecca said...

Hooray for 27!! What a fun birthday!

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