Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little bits of life

I am pleased to update and say that for the past two nights we've slept in our bedroom peacefully. The apartment people finally came through and some work was done upstairs on Tuesday. It's not completed yet, but they made remarkable strides in the sound adjustment in the bedroom. Unfortunately their work in the living room area that was getting noisy, actually made the noise level worse. Sometime they are supposed to return and work on that. But, it's been wonderful to sleep in a bedroom and feel like I have living room again.

One of my LEAP co-workers asked me today how old I was (in the context of a conversation about having children). I told her I was 27 and she said, "Are you serious? I was going to guess 21. You look great for 27." This was followed up by her telling me that I should probably get a move on in having children. :)

My hubby works late tonight and I should probably be doing some productive things around here. But I'm shushing those "I should" thoughts and just reading. I'll more than likely follow that up with watching a couple TV shows--Parks and Recreation; The Office--and that will be my night. Lazy, I know. But I did stay up until nearly 11:30 last night making granola and cleaning my kitchen.


liz nelson said...

glad to hear you're able to sleep in your bedroom again. hopefully they get that completed soon. i'd say lazy nights are important to have from time to time.:) looking forwad to seeing you this weekend!

Barbara D said...

Glad to see you are sleeping better as well. If you don't get enough sleep you may start looking like you are 27! Take that from someone turning 52 in a few weeks!

sam said...

Yay for sleeping and lazy evenings! I think we stay much busier in modern society than we were ever intended to be. Taking time to relax and appreciate silence is such a good thing.

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