Saturday, May 23, 2009


Jeremy and I decided on Monday that we were going to throw a party tonight. We assembled a modest sized guest list and sent out a specially designed invitation (as you might imagine, if you know Jeremy, the invite included Batman). The day has arrived and only one couple is able to come. Now it's not so much of a party, as just a relaxed evening with a couple friends. So much for our grand plan! We'll have fun anyway, I am certain.


This morning I ventured to church to help in the garden. Um, it's huge! I had no idea how big of a plot; it's really more like a small field. We have our work cut out for us. I was there nearly 2 1/2 hours working with others. There was still much to be done when I left, but we did get 30+ tomato plants, 7 watermelon hills, and 3 rows of corn planted. I imagine there will be many more hours spent there, but think of all the produce!


Today is Old Navy's $1 flip-flop day. As I was driving to the gym this morning I thought I might swing by and pick up a couple pairs, but there was a horde of people outside of ON and I just didn't feel like standing in line. After my time at the gym I drove back through the parking lot and there was still a horde of people outside, now accompanied by some police. I decided to skip it. I had a brief break in work this afternoon so thought I'd pop over there (lest you think I'm just flip-flop crazy, ON is at most 5-minutes from my apartment). I talked to Jeremy as I was pulling into the parking lot and he said, "Don't go there. It's not safe. There was a riot there this morning and people were fighting and the police had to come." Now those are some flip-flop crazy people! It was calm when I arrived and I departed some 15-minutes later, unscathed. The woman's flip-flops were completely picked over, but I did buy one pair of black. Now I'm back and ready to tackle the rest of my to-do list.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Barbara D said...

Enjoy the evening! Happy to say I missed the flip flop sale.

Kim said...

We heard about the flip flop riot, too, and were laughing. Um, get a grip?? I'm surprised you even found a pair!!

Sorry we couldn't make the party! Hope it was fun. Love you!

PS - I've started one of the Norris books and it's really really good...

Margaret said...

Your church garden sounds very wonderful and gradiose!

Margaret said...

And my gradiose, I meant grandiose.

Jessy said...

Margaret---I think you mean and BY dradiose I mean grandiose =P haha

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