Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reading Monopolizes Woman's Time

The woman reveled in her freer days after the conclusion of one job. She finally had time to keep up on her laundry, ironing, cooking, and cleaning. But one problem stood in her way. Books. The stuffed shelves and piled table called out to her and like the pull of the sirens, she succumbed. Whenever a spare minute could be grabbed (or sometimes stolen from the "clean the bathroom" section of her to-do list), she would pull her legs beneath her in a comfy chair and with anticipation open her book and read. Carried into those worlds, she didn't notice the passing of precious minutes. Before she knew it, her husband would be home soon and the dishes were still piled in the sink and dinner wasn't prepared. Just one more chapter and she assured herself that she'd close the cover and go be a responsible wife.


Margaret said...

Teehee, at least he can't be too perturbed, I think it holds a bit of a grip on him too. ;)

jeremy said...

You're too hard on yourself. You do an amazing job with food and I have hands and can help out too you know?

Good blog!

Lana Joy said...

Yes, yes. I know this pull very well. *Sigh. I fear we'll never be able to shake it.

Heather L. said...

Yes, reading is too much fun.

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