Monday, May 4, 2009


We've had quite a bit of sleeplessness in this apartment of late. It's really a combination of several things including Jeremy's sleep troubles anyway and the fact that we've been sleeping on an air mattress in our living room for the last month and a half because of the apartment upstairs.
The whole air mattress thing bothers me more than it bothers Jeremy. I'm tired of having our living space being taken up with our sleeping space. And truly, we have a very nice bed in our bedroom that's not being used. You're more than likely asking yourself, why in the world are you doing this? Well, here's the deal.
There is something wrong with the ceiling in the bedroom. When the people upstairs walk into their room, our ceiling creaks so deeply, that it can wake me from a dead sleep at 2 a.m. Maybe this wouldn't be a huge deal if the people kept regular hours, but I can't figure them out. They seem to like to walk in and out of the bedroom when we're trying to fall asleep, thus making it nearly impossible for us to sleep(J even wears ear plugs most nights and the creaks go right through them). But, they don't seem to be going to bed then because they're walking back in long after we've finally gone to sleep. So, being tired of that we resorted to sleeping in the living room. But, that has its troubles to, including the fact that there are some rather bad creaky spots out here too. And these people walk! Plus, they play their TV loudly enough that we can hear it. Last night they decided to clean their entire apartment somewhere around 9:30 or 10. This included vacuuming the whole place with long pauses between each section, for who knows what. Jer was very tired and had headed to bed in the bedroom rather early. I was up reading. We both ended up in the living room and not falling asleep until more like midnight. It wasn't just the people, but they contribute a great deal.
Your next question is probably, what are you doing about this? Well, we contacted the apartment office going on 3 weeks ago (after I realized that the creaking was getting worse and having visions of someone falling through our ceiling). Supposedly someone that deals with structure is going to be tearing up the carpet in the bedroom upstairs and doing something to the floorboards. Well, that hasn't happened yet. I'm not even holding my breath that it will fix the problem. But, I really want my bedroom back. We're uncertain what our next step should be if they can't solve this problem.
Sleep goes a long way towards productive, good days and we'd like a little more of it around here.


sam said...

That sounds dreadful! I will definitely be praying you guys can get this resolved. Constantly living on little sleep is an all-around miserable experience.

Margaret said...

Ooh, that's awful. I hope your situation improves. Come visit!!

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