Thursday, May 14, 2009

There will be no more kid anecdotes.

Today was my last day of LEAP. I felt relief as I contemplated this approaching day. I looked forward to working only one job. But, a little part of me wondered if I'd feel a twinge of sadness in saying good-bye. We didn't do our regular tutoring today, instead we had a celebration for the kids. So, today turned out to be just about as chaotic as the first day back in January. And I can honestly say, I didn't feel melancholy in leaving the school. I felt relief. Jeremy told me we needed to celebrate this day. He's been looking forward to this job ending almost more than I have been!


A program is offered at my library once a month that is called Yak, Snack, and Read. Basically it's a book club and by the name, I'd assume there was something to eat, wouldn't you? Well, tonight I saw the reference librarian that leads the group bring a snack of Life-Saver mints. Um, is that a snack? Made me smile. It also made me think of my sister Margaret. If she'd been in the group as a girl, she'd have been thrilled with that snack because she loved all candy, including Star light mints.


A man that comes into the library has a mostly shaved head, except for what appears to be about 1/2-1 inch wide strip of hair that runs from ear to ear around the back of his head. Originally I thought it was a strap for his glasses, then I realized there already was a strap. Strange.


Alaina said...

I'm glad LEAP is over for you! I can identify with that sense of relief. :)

The mints - hilarious.

See you tomorrow.

the Lady of Dragonwood said...

Maybe that guy's "hair strap" is there as a cushion to go between the glasses strap and his sensitive skin?

Margaret said...

Haha, yep, that's really not a snack though. Also, I wish I could've seen the hair strap.

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