Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catching Up

A week has passed since my last post, which I didn't anticipate. But I promise it hasn't just been laziness keeping me from updating. I found out last Friday that the boyfriend got a new job about 3 hours north, so we've been spending time preparing for his fast approaching move. Plus, earlier this week I was struck with an energy-sapping, work-preventing flu. Today is my third day in bed. However, thankfully I am on the mend and fever-free for most of today. So, maybe I'll be able to return to work tomorrow. So, those are my excuses.

Last week I promised to write a post on my latest cultural excursion--ballet--and then I never returned to that. My cousin and culture buddy wrote such a fantastically humorous account of our adventure, that I'm just going to let you read her take on it here. I was laughing out loud at the way she so accurately portrayed the evening.

My sister very kindly gave me a blogging with purpose award last week. This is something that is to be passed on. Unfortunately I'm not an avid blog reader (which I know is probably hypocritical since I enjoy knowing people read my blog), mostly because I don't have enough time. However, as soon as I come up with a few people to share the award with, I'll post that.

It seems I should have a wittier, more interesting entry with all the extra time I've had to think this week. My thoughts have been full apartment hunting for the boyfriend, wishing I felt well enough to read or watch movies, and realizing my work is not decreasing as I lie in bed. So, for now this is the rather anti-climactic post you'll get. But, I'll return before another week has passed.


jeremy said...

Considering you sound like Marge Simpson, I think the continued bed rest is NEEDED. Then, I will box up all the kids books at work, put them in a boxes in the back hall with 'Riley Donates' on them. Then you will have nothing to worry about!

Lookin' out for you.


Anonymous said...

I must say I enjoy being dubbed the "culture buddy". I'm glad you're feeling better, too. Being too sick to watch movies and read is depressing. A friend of mine got really sick yesterday, and as he's my neighbor, I decided to bring him soup and movies at lunch yesterday. He returned to work today, whether or not that was in his best interest, but I was glad to be able to help him out. If you lived closer, I would have brought you soup, Steph. Or read to you, like in olden days.

stephanie said...

I appreciate the sentiment, Lana. There were moments I wished someone would read to me.

The boss told me to take another day off work, so I'm still home.

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