Wednesday, January 9, 2008


For the purpose of detoxing I fasted today and therefore have felt somewhat hungry all day. This is the third time I've fasted this year and I've found that in general it is easier than I think it will be, but nevertheless, I am quite excited to eat the next morning.
I used my day to pray as well as do some major cleaning in my bedroom. I have accumulated too much. To anyone that knows me, I can be a little fanatical about organizing and such so it is probably not much of a surprise that I felt the need to purge some belongings while I was purging my body. I still have too much, but I did downsize by a couple boxes and for now I am content with that.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations for getting through the day and for downsizing. :) There are a few of our belongings that need purging when time and energy affords, it always makes me feel fantastic to see things leave.

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