Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Passing along...

A couple weeks ago, Sister 1 gave me the blogging with a purpose award. It's taken me all this time to pass along the kindness.

As I mentioned previously, I don't read many blogs, so I'm just sharing this with two people.

Lana at When It Don't Come Easy. My cousin, culture buddy, fellow literary lover, uses her blog to share about everyday life with a gentle sense of humor and the eyes of someone who closely observes what others don't always see. She makes me laugh and she gives me pause to think.

Rebecca at Don't Eat the Playdough. She's my dear friend from high school, now a mom of four (congratulations on the newest arrival last week!), who occasionally squeezes in a moment to blog. I love reading her perspectives, especially when she records the kiddos take on life. I imagine there is some sanity she maintains by her occasional updates.

As I found it difficult to pass this along, I'll just suggest my recipients pass it along if they have someone they want to share with.


Lana Joy said...

Steph, I'm flattered. Thanks! I'll have to think about passing along the award.

Alaina said...

2 excellent people to pass it on to! I enjoy reading both of their blogs. :)

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