Friday, January 25, 2008


To make up for my lack of posting in the past week, I'm posting twice right in a row. As I find myself with yet another day cooped up at home (the boss would not even hear of me coming in today), it seems only fitting that I try and connect with a little more world than just the four walls of my bedroom that I've been staring at for three and a half days.
I slept fitfully last night, and that didn't even start until around 2:30 this morning. I think I've mentioned before that I'm a frequent dreamer (if they gave frequent dreamer miles I would be wealthy, I could go anywhere...wait, I already do that) and I probably shouldn't tell any of my dreams because I've been made fun of for them before, but sometimes they are just so strange, fantastical, interesting that they must be let free from the cobwebby mind of sleep into the daylight. My few hours of sleep were carried by ridiculous dreams, most of which I've forgotten by now. But the part I haven't forgotten was this: As I was leaving my apartment (which I don't have), a neighbor accosted me asking about my lizard. I looked at the woman and rather frustratingly told her I did not own a lizard and I had already told her that before. She was all in a huff because someones lizard had died around the side of the building. The more I looked at the woman, the more I realized that she was moldy, or something like that. She had green stuff growing on her head and face and ears. It was truly disgusting and as she kept talking I had to look down from her face and I clutched my head because my reaction to things that creep me out to look at, is goosebumps on my head--which I refer to as either tingles or prickles or the combo pringles, whichever word comes out--even in my sleep I fell prey to the unsettling tingles brought on by a molding, fake woman who was so concerned about a lizard that wasn't mine. Still as I picture that woman in my mind's eye, my scalp tingles. Oh, it was disgusting! How could a dream like that have a purposeful meaning?


Sniz said...

Sometimes dreams are just dreams and mean nothing. At least I hope o! :-)

jeremy said...

I will never be able to eat a can of Pringles again without thinking of the moldy flaking woman looking for the mysterious lizard who wasn't there.

Thanks for giving me nightmares tonight. (Yet, I find myself hungry for Pringles...)

Sweet Dreams!! :)

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