Thursday, January 10, 2008

Going Solo

I conducted an experiment today. At the urging of the boyfriend, I attended a movie alone. I'm not entirely sure what this experience was supposed to prove, but I came away feeling like I would have been just as well watching a movie alone on my couch. I was a bit appalled at the matinee price of $7 and I shared the theater with only three other people and I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I thought I might. Not that it was an entirely negative experience, I just realized that I'd rather go to the theater with someone and if I want to watch a movie alone, I'd rather do it in the comfort of my own home.
I watched The Golden Compass which has received particular attention and hype from within the Christian community--this being negative attention. Being of a literary mind as well as in the book business, I figured it might be worth my checking out. I'm typically pleased with fantasy stories, but this lacked something. I know the book is quite long and I'm certain the writers of the screenplay did a lot of cutting out and condensing. Although I have not read the book, I got the feeling that the movie lacked some purpose and movement because of the missing material. It wasn't all bad or anything, but I definitely wouldn't take a young child to see it, portions were a little intense and there was also a bit of a weirdness with the humans' souls being contained with an animal (these were all sorts of animals and it was a bit strange to see an animal continually beside each human) which they referred to as daemons (each of these did have another name as well and could communicate with their human). From what I understand the Christian community is concerned about the anti-God influence of these stories. I didn't perceive that this installment of the story was pushing an anti-God message; however, there was no god. And I believe as many fantasy stories go, this trilogy gets darker the further it goes. I wouldn't compel you not to see the movie, but I might recommend waiting until it comes out on DVD if you have great interest in seeing it. If you have any comments about the movie or book (particularly if you have watched or read it), I'd love to hear them because I am far from an expert on knowing the enjoyment and concerns regarding this story (although I was given an article to read about Philip Pullman, so I know he is no friend of Christianity).


jeremy said...

In the next installment, the daemon Pippi is found to be the embodiment of Napoleon Bonaparte.

alright alright...enough of my pippi jokes....but stay tuned for a pippi web site!

I will wait for the DVD. Pullman is rabidy anti-theism so I ain't givin the joker my money. Plus, Nicole Kidman's forehead looks weird and she gives me the creepies.

I'll stick to the brass compass I got at Wal Mart for $5.50. Before Tax.

Alaina said...

Jeremy - we have a blog for Pippi but have never actually written on it - maybe we should turn it over to you! :) :)

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