Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year

As I had to work today, I didn't particularly enjoy my New Year's day. However, when I finally settled in at home tonight around 8:30, I enjoyed a cup of hot tea, a game of 5-handed euchre (I came in second), and an animated half hour of my new fast-paced two-person game Blink. The time was good to unwind.

I've never been big on setting resolutions, often set book reading goals--like a book a week. My dear sister thinks my resolution this year should be to blog more. I'm not sure what goals I'll set, maybe something writing related and reading related. Beyond that, I'll have to ponder.


Alaina said...

Definitely blog more! I set some goals this year for the first time maybe ever - at least that I've written down. :)

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