Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pondering Red

If someone asked you what color your brain was, what would you say? The boyfriend came across this question in an interview questions book. The example response they gave went something like: “Red because I’m red hot with ideas.” The question is of course to explore the candidates creativity.
I know I’m somewhat of a creative soul, but on the spot I don’t think I would come up with such an answer. However, if someone asked me what color my last year was, I’d say, “Red.” Without getting philosophical in the least and without waxing lyrical about love, these are my quick thoughts on red.
As a little girl I would happily tell anyone that cared to ask that my favorite colors were red and purple (I would have fit in well with the Red Hat Club wouldn’t I?). I also knew that those colors were not to be worn together as they did not match, thanks to my mom. I’d sworn off pink as a favorite color since all girls preferred pink and I craved to be just a little different (ask anyone that knows, for better or worse, I think I succeeded in the different category). Over the years red never completely fell from disfavor, but it did move down the ranks a bit, replaced by such colors as yellow, green, pink (when I was much older), and brown. Plus, I like to blame Sister 1 for my decrease in wearing the color because she told me one day that “Red really wasn’t my best color.”
In the cyclical nature of life, red has resurrected, at least for the time being. Over the summer I bought a red computer. I was replacing my old laptop and was excited with Dell’s choice in colors—my personal favorite being the sage green. To my chagrin, Sister 3 was also buying a laptop and she wanted the green, so, I compromised. My beautiful ruby red computer arrived without much delay. Sister 3’s green computer never came; she ended up having to purchase a black computer through Gateway. The next red addition came for my birthday in October. Sister’s 1 & 2 gave me a red, leather purse, which I loved for its color as well as for its practicality (so many pockets!). Not long before that I had a conversation with one of my friends about the versatility of purse colors and we concluded that a nicely chosen red or green purse goes with far more than other colors do. To continue my red trend, I was given a gorgeous red, knee-length coat for Christmas. The boyfriend tells me I act regal when I wear it. I think he’s silly. But I can’t think he’s too silly, because this past year he gave me my first red rose and maybe that actually sums up much of my red year.


Heather L. said...

I noticed the red coat, and really liked it!!! hope you are feeling better!

jeremy said...

Regal, I tell you! I think you look quite smashing in that red coat, by the way. And yes, I am silly. Quite mad, actually.

jeremy said...

er..I mean Madly In Love!

(sorry to everybody else for the mushiness here. I promise to refrain in the future.)

Sniz said...

I can just picture the red coat and red purse! I love red and have lots of it in my closet but don't wear it much for some reason.

Alaina said...

Sorry about the red thing...I really didn't mean anything by it :) and truly, would you take fashion advice from ME at that time in our lives?!!! You look great in red!

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